Producing work of the highest quality to present to peers is always a challenging job. Stephanie’s skills allow me to take a step back and relax as she works with me to create professional quality work. Stephanie allows me to learn and grow as she explains issues clearly and helps me to develop my writing skills for a range of subjects. She has boosted my confidence, and when I need a body of work I’ll be using professionally looked through, I can trust Stephanie to be my supporting hand in developing myself and my career.

Bea Detnon

Stephanie was wonderful to work with. She was very keen to share constructive feedback, and answered every question I had regarding her suggestions. She made my work much better and encouraged me to continue writing, for which I will forever be grateful.

Paulina Dragan

Stephanie helps me a lot whenever she edits one of my texts. From spotting mistakes in the grammar and orthography to pointing out and commenting on parts of the text that are confusing or could be better developed, she does an excellent job in correcting what’s needed without intruding in the author’s writing style. My texts gained a smoother flow, and my writing style had a steady and positive growth as I took into consideration the tips and suggestions given. I highly recommend her work.

Karina Pougy